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Trans-Atlantic Science Schools

The Trans-Atlantic Science Schools program is a joint research endeavor for research and collaborative learning formed between the schools systems of Maryland and Finland that fosters creativity, cooperation, and collegiality while focusing on advanced science topics in physics. Student participants form relationships and work collaboratively on research projects with peers from foreign countries, mirroring the current best practices in the scientific community. The most talented physics students that are selected to be part of the program have the opportunity to travel to world renowned research institutions in which current, novel physics takes place. At these sites, both the students and the instructors who accompany them receive instruction on the current trends in physics and engage in discussion with research scientists.

Beyond the obvious benefit of providing a unique and advanced learning opportunity for all the students involved, the program serves to highlight the creative, innovative, and forward thinking aspects of the public school systems in Finland and Maryland. Ultimately, as we grow as a global community, the fundamentals of international collaboration that are established in this program will serve as an excellent example of the type of cooperation that will govern future research. The long-term goal is that, we could ultimately have many groups from Finland, Maryland, other US states, and other countries that can have science school projects at various research sites based on our model.

Learn about the trip from the persepective of our Finnish friends!